TechStars Live! at SxSW 2012

I’ve learned a lot being a mentor at TechStars Cloud and one of the most beneficial things that TechStars does is teach it’s companies the art of the pitch and provide a socratic style of mentoring. TechStars Live! was an attempt to showcase this model in action. Brutal but effective is probably the best way to describe it but the outcomes generated by enduring this critical analysis makes for better, more focused startups. Both David Tisch of TechStars New York and TechStars founder David Cohen participated.

I think this interview style is summed up pretty well by David Tisch in this video.

Thoughts on SxSW 2012

SxSW Interactive is an event that has gotten bigger over the years. It’s a very different event and experience than when I attended my first SxSW Interactive conference. While some would say it’s explosive growth has diminished it’s impact I would say the opposite is true. There’s so much pent up demand for content, storytelling and interactions that SxSW has evolved from a ‘Spring Break for Geeks’ to more of a Davos type of conference for geeks. The parties are still here–bigger and more extravagant than ever but SxSW continues to set the tone for a global conversation on topics that designers, developers and entrepreneurs care about. This year those themes and topics that are most prominent involve startups. From the presence of Startup America to Startup Village focus SxSW Interactive continues to demonstrate that it’s a culturally relevant event that serves as a great social forum to learn, share and have fun.

This year at SxSW I was fortunate enough to make some contributions in this space and I’ll be sharing some of those stories here–including some panels and events we’re hosting and our sponsorship of SxSW Accelerator.


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