Why Storytelling?

Why Storytelling?

This is a new blog for me. But it’s not my first blog. The inspiration for this blog started back in December of 2010. It came out of the fact that I was a bit restless and bored both professionally and personally. That boredom pulled me towards dusting off some skills that I hadn’t used or practiced with for quite awhile—telling stories with pictures and motion and not just words. This led towards a not insignificant set of experiments with cameras, lens, computers and all the gear required to make some of these things work. It culminated in April of 2011 when I got the chance to collaborate with a former colleague from Microsoft named August de los Reyes. I, along with Thomas Lewis and Corey Schuman had a change to participate with in a programming track at Microsoft’s MIX 2011 conference that focused on design.

August’s brilliant work at that event was the final push that motivated me to do my own personal and professional reset. August delivered such a brilliant presentation that I literally spent an extra 36 hours practicing mine in Las Vegas, a presentation I’d done multiple times, because if I was going to be on the same stage with him I wanted to give the best talk I could and honor his ideas.

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